National 3.8.2016 11:01 am

An honour to vote as a black person – Tutu

A frail-looking Archbishop Desmond Tutu was positive as he cast his vote in Milnerton, in Cape Town, this morning.

“It’s still an honour to vote in this country as a black person,” he said.

Tutu, wearing a black jersey, grey shirt and black cap, was supported by his wife and members from the Desmond Tutu Foundation.

“I hope people will want to use their votes in the right way,” he said before gingerly climbing into the car.

Meanwhile, voting in KwaZulu-Natal (KZN) got under way slowly this morning, but as of yet, no significant problems have been reported.

The Northern KwaZulu-Natal Courier reported there was a slow but steady start to voting in Dannhauser, situated midway between Durban and Johannesburg, as residents braved the cold morning to make their mark.

While other towns may have queues of people waiting to cast their vote, Dannhauser is more laid-back and easygoing. One voter remarked how peaceful and easy it was to vote in the town.

Philippus and Johanna Vorster were the first to vote in the town and were soon joined by a handful of people who made their mark in this year’s elections.


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