National 3.8.2016 06:59 am

Let-down voters opt for EFF, DA



‘I don’t depend on a grant, so the ANC has done nothing for me,’ says one citizen.

Disappointed voters who claim they are tired of the ANC’s “empty promises” say they will vote for the EFF or DA when they go to the polls today.

The Citizen conducted interviews with supporters from different political parties and racial groups around Bryanston and this is what they had to say:

Chris Costa: “I’m sorry, I’m not voting for the ANC again. You go to Cape Town, there are no potholes, the streets are clean, the robots are working and there’s a police presence everywhere. The DA would be my choice, but a man like Julius Malema is the right person to vote for. His ideas are good and he needs someone to help him to implement them properly.”

Sam Leseilana : “The ANC will not get my vote again. I am now going to vote for the EFF. It is good to give them a chance. I don’t depend on a grant, so the ANC has done nothing for me.”

George Lebese: “My vote goes to the EFF. We are struggling and they (ANC) only come to us when they want our votes.”

Pierre Bezuidenhoudt said: “Most probably the DA because it is the only neutral party that is available.”

David Day: “I am voting for the DA to get rid of the so-called ANC. The ANC is a fraudulent party and it’s very tragic we had to stand this ANC crowd for this long.”

Kristine Shelley: “My husband and I are voting for the DA because we want a bit of change to stop corruption. Zuma must stop corruption so that we can vote for him.”

However, Theo Mashego and others differed: “I’m definitely going to vote for the ANC. Yes, they have made mistakes but they have delivered. I cannot vote for the EFF, they are not yet matured. Herman Mashaba is not telling the truth when he says there has never been anything good that the ANC has done.”

James Nyirenda: “I’m going with the ANC. It is a good party. I’m who I am today because of the ANC. I have a business and the ANC has supported me.”

Others were not sure which parties to vote for, or said their vote was a secret.



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