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R2K challenges candidates to sign transparency pledge

Picture: Thinkstock

Picture: Thinkstock

Across the eight community meetings only one candidate has signed the pledge so far.

The Right2Know (R2K) Campaign in the lead-up to Wednesday’s Local Government Elections, has challenged all candidates to sign its “accountability and transparency pledge” as commitment to being recalled for not doing their job adequately.

Over the month R2K engaged councillors at a ward level and through community debates and meetings challenged them to sign the pledge, “and to commit to being accountable first and foremost to the communities in their ward”.

“(But) across the eight community meetings only one candidate has signed the pledge so far,” it said.

It was therefore partnering with community organisations to challenge potential councillors, both those from political parties and independents, to sign the pledge of accountability and commitment to being recalled if they do not work in the interest of the community.

“Local government is supposed to be the most accessible part of government, but often local politicians don’t do their job and fail to be accountable. We demand the right to recall local ward councillors who do not work in the interest of their communities.

“It’s not too late… We challenge all local government candidates to print, sign, and email a photo of yourself with the pledge to  Alternatively you can tweet the photo to @r2kcampaign.”

Local government is a vital part of the South African state, said the organisation. “As the part of government that is closest to the people, local government is tasked with fixing some of the most basic challenges we face as a country, including inequality and the legacy of apartheid.

“The Constitution and other laws say clearly that local government must be open, responsive, and accountable but this is sadly often not the case.”

An activist guide aimed to help citizens understand the policies and practices to help make local government more transparent and accountable can be downloaded at or contact its offices for print copies.

– Gauteng community meetings today in which R2K are participants include Makause township, Germiston, from 3:30pm to 5:30 pm at the Makause Sports Ground, and in Diepkloof, Soweto from 9am to 11am, at the Quaker Recreation Center, Zone 4.


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