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Tshwane woman’s yard flooded by sewage

Raw sewage flooded a garden in Menlo Park, Pretoria. Photos: Supplied

Raw sewage flooded a garden in Menlo Park, Pretoria. Photos: Supplied

A thick layer of human faeces covered the garden for more than a week before the metro fixed the problem.

Berendina van Zyl, a resident of Menlo Park in Pretoria, said apart from the stink her family had to endure due to sewage that swamped her yard for a week, she lived in constant fear for the health of her children and pets, Rekord East reports.

“I could not let my 10-year-old daughter go outside and also had to keep my dogs in the house the entire time,” she said.

She claimed she had sent about 10 e-mails to the Tshwane metro’s sanitation department the past week without any response.

It was only after she roped in ward councillor Siobhan Muller that she got a reaction from the metro.

Van Zyl said metro contractors showed up on Sunday afternoon to fix the blocked drain – not her drain, but a drain that served businesses near her property.

“That was only after my gardener had started digging a ditch to allow some of the sewage to flow out of my yard.”

PHOTO: Supplied.

PHOTO: Supplied.

She said after two main drains were unblocked by the metro workers they doused the area with chlorine.

“Only after I told them to clean up the faeces and toilet paper in my garden did they do that. They then again covered the affected area in chlorine.”

She said despite the sewage having been removed and chlorine used, the smell was still terrible.

Van Zyl lives on the corner of Brooklyn Road and 16th Street.

She said she believed the infrastructure was too old to handle all the new developments in the area.

She said that the metro claimed that it had not received any of her e-mails in which she had reported the sewage leak.

“But I have received a reference number from them and therefore cannot understand why they claim they received no e-mails from me.”

She said the metro undertook to investigate the matter regarding the e-mails.

At the time of going to print, the metro could not be reached for comment.

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