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Fishing vessels rescued in Mossel Bay harbour

Rescue workers salvage the 'Abalone', a fishing vessel, on Sunday morning.

Rescue workers salvage the 'Abalone', a fishing vessel, on Sunday morning.

It seemed as if rough seas might have caused the vessels to get stuck on underwater wave barriers.

Three fishing vessels have been rescued after rough seas apparently caused them to get stuck under water in the Mossel Bay harbour, Western Cape.
This after a fishing boat was noticed, half submerged and slowly sinking on Sunday.
Captain of the Pacific Askari and divers of Cape Diving worked tirelessly to rescue the three fishing vessels – the Ocean Queen, the Abalone and the Pax – in the Mossel Bay harbour on Sunday, Mosselbay Advertiser reported.
Divers Pieter Cloete and Kobus van Rensburg and supervisor Glen Wolstenholme from Cape Diving, who are deployed to Pacific Askari, offered their assistance in saving the vessel to the Transnet National Ports Authority.
Cape Diving arranged the logistics and dived on the vessel, helping in the operation to stop it from sliding further into the water.
Pieter Cloete told the Mosselbay Advertiser that it seemed as if the rough seas may have caused the vessel to get stuck under one of the wave barriers and that it was taking in water.
A second boat that had already sunk next to the first was also salvaged and returned to shore.
The three-ton crane of AngloV3 was on hand and was used to salvage the third vessel that had sunk a month ago. All three vessels are now high and dry on the quay.
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