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WATCH: Man jumps from plane … no parachute!

An American daredevil threw himself out of a plane nearly 8km above the earth, and then had to carefully aim at a net near the ground.

An American skydiver has become the first person to jump from 25 000 feet (7.6 kilometres) from a plane without a parachute and land in a net.

Luke Aikins, 42, completed the record-breaking stunt dubbed ‘Stride Gum Presets Heaven Sent’ on Saturday evening in Simi Valley, California. He hit the 100-by-100-foot net perfectly, quickly climbed out of it and walked over to hug his wife, who had been watching with other family members including their four-year-old son Logan.

Just before climbing into the plane, Aikins said the Screen Actors Guilt required him to wear a parachute but he indicated he wouldn’t open it. However, as the plane was climbing to 25 000 feet above the drop zone, he took off the chute.

Aikins said wearing it would actually make it harder for him to properly put himself over the 100-foot-by-100-foot net and more dangerous, because he would have its canister on his back when he hit the net at about 120 miles per hour (193km/h).

The jump was broadcast live on Fox television as part of a one-hour TV special but with a slight delay and a warning to viewers not to try it themselves. For the first 10 000 feet of the fall, Aikins used an oxygen tank – one of the three other skydivers who jumped with him was in charge of collecting the discarded tank. Another one carried a camera and the final one trailed smoke so people on the ground could follow his descent.

The trio opened their chutes at 5 000 feet, leaving Aikins alone to his fate.

What an amazing feat!

Text courtesy of YouTube News


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