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Serial killer killer gets three life terms

Picture: Thinkstock

Picture: Thinkstock

He started murdering and raping just six months after his parole supervision ended after 10 years in jail for robbery and attempted murder.

A middle-aged serial killer who claimed he started a murder and rape spree because a woman gave him AIDS has been sentenced to three terms of life imprisonment.

Sentencing Andries Makgae, 55, to three life terms and 26 years imprisonment, Judge Vivian Tlhapi said Makgae had clearly not been rehabilitated by a previous long stint in prison and was a danger to society.

Makgae started murdering and raping elderly and defenceless women just six months after his parole supervision ended following a 10-year stint in jail for robbery and attempted murder.

He claimed he had decided to take revenge because the woman gave him AIDS, whereafter he in turn gave his wife AIDS. His wife died in 2014 while he was in custody.

Judge Tlhapi in April sentenced him to life imprisonment for murdering and raping Maria Pilore (60), Juliet Makgatla (69) and Praise Mpatsi (29) in the Onderstepoort area between January 2012 and January 2013.

He was also convicted of raping a fourth victim, who was attacked after Makgae broke into her home. When Makgae demanded money from her the next morning she alerted her brothers, who arrested Makgae and handed him to the police.

The victim has since died of natural causes, but the doctor who examined her after her ordeal testified that someone had tried to strangle her.

The DNA that linked Makgae to her rape also linked him to the rapes and murders of the other victims.

Judge Tlhapi said it was aggravating that the attacks were premeditated. Makgae had taken revenge on innocent victims who were raped before they were strangled with their own underwear. They had died a horrible death.

In addition, Makgae had left their bodies in the bushes to decompose. One body was devoured by wild dogs and only a skull and bones remained.

The husband of one of the victims testified how he had searched for weeks for his wife before he came across the gruesome sight of her decomposed body.

The Judge said she could only imagine his agony as week after week he searched in the bushes for his wife.

She said it was clear that Makgae did not want his victims to survive and that he did not want to be caught, but it was not his lucky day.


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