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‘Killer dad’ trial postponed for postmortem results

Marthinus Pelser at his first court appearance. Photo: Riaan van Zyl

Marthinus Pelser at his first court appearance. Photo: Riaan van Zyl

For the first time, Marthinus Pelser’s family was in court.

The case against a 23-year-old father, Marthinus Pelser, who was arrested in connection with the death of his six-month-old baby son, has been postponed again at the Roodepoort Magistrates’ Court on Thursday.

Pelser was seen wearing a black hoody jersey and the same blue shirt from his previous visit to court.

For the first time, Pelser’s family was in court. His father, mother, and brother were present at today’s proceedings, including other family members and friends, Roodepoort Northsider reported.

“We have nothing to say at this time,” said Pelser’s father.

The family looked solemn and numb, and had distant but somewhat painful looks on their faces.

Magistrate Delize Smith asked Pelser if it was correct that he was not applying for bail at this stage, to which he responded, “yes”.

It was discovered Pelser had signed divorce papers from his wife – mother of his deceased son.

Pelser’s baby boy was found dead in his cot on Saturday evening, June 11. The baby allegedly suffered a fractured skull and burn wounds, and was bloodied. Pelser fled with his wife’s vehicle before she could ask him what had happened.

Pelser made headlines after he wrote a Facebook post that had an eerie, ominous undertone.

His post read: “Never push a man to violence, who has been waiting for an excuse to use it.” The post was accompanied by a picture of a creature with a demonic appearance.

He was subsequently arrested on June 15 by Honeydew SAPS after a strenuous five-day-long manhunt.

The trial has been postponed to August 31 pending postmortem results and crime scene photographs.

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Marthinus Pelser abandons bail application

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