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Shooting at estate leaves two people dead

Shooting at an Estate leaves couple dead.

Shooting at an Estate leaves couple dead.

An alleged altercation between a couple after the husband had visited a pub ended in tragedy.

“He grew up as a sweet child, he was always smiling and would rarely seem angry. We are shocked and shattered as a family on the shooting,” were the words one of the deceased’s aunt uttered about her nephew, Witbank News reports.

This follows after close neighbours heard loud screams in the late hours of Sunday, July 24, which led to two people’s death in a shooting incident.

The ordeal happened at Jackaroo Park, where it is alleged that a 36-year-old man was at a pub drinking. When he called it a night he phoned his 33-year-old wife to come and fetch him and take him home.

It is alleged that their conflict started in the car and continued all the way to their marital home in Clearwater Estate. When they got home the disagreement continued and heated up to a point where the man allegedly took out his gun and shot his wife.b “It seemed as if she was running for her life as she ran and locked herself in one of the bedrooms,” mentioned a family member.

This was followed by the man opening the door and firing two shots at the woman and after a couple of minutes, shot himself in the chest.

“When the woman’s family arrived at the house, they found everything upside down; the kitchenware was on the floor. The kitchen window was opened which seems that before she ran to one of the bedrooms she tried to escape using the kitchen door,” the family member said.

The woman’s sister-in-law mentioned that she was a humble, polite and sweet human being.

“Those close to her will testify that she was a Christian and not much of a talker. I cannot pin-point any wrongdoing she was ever involved in. She will be dearly missed. We as a family cannot believe that she is no more, it will take time for us to heal,” said the woman.

The man was raised by his aunt following the death of his father at a young age. She was just as shocked as everyone else in the family when she heard of her nephew pulling a trigger at his wife, yet he grew up active and loved going to church and socialising with others.

She further stated that this is a sad time for the family as for starters they did not know he had a gun, never mind not knowing how to use it.

“We do not know what exactly happened as we do not have evidence of the event, but I am sure it was not planned. We are extremely shattered,” continued the woman.

She described the family as one that loves to go on vacations and have family gatherings as often as they can. And now with him gone, family gatherings will never be the same again.

The couple left behind three children.

Police that attended the scene confiscated two firearms.

– Caxton News Service


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