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A letter to Gugu Zulu

From left: Letshego Zulu, Lelethu Zulu, Gugu Zulu.
Photo: Supplied

From left: Letshego Zulu, Lelethu Zulu, Gugu Zulu. Photo: Supplied

The late Gugu Zulu’s wife, Letshego, wrote him a heart-rending letter.

Letshego Zulu took time to write a letter to her husband; a man that was an inspiration for many people in Mzansi.  The moving note was read by Sheila Akinnusi, one of Letshego’s best friends, at Gugu’s funeral at Rhema Bible Church on Thursday.

The letter read:  “As I look back over the last 10 days‚ I shake my head in disbelief as I never thought this day would come‚ certainly not now… I’ve been operating on autopilot. I’ve seen you five times [after Gugu’s death] ‚ but there is a disconnect between what I see and hear. Mandela Day 2016 was a tough day for me… It was a long‚ treacherous‚ tiring walk. I lost my best friend‚ my better half‚ my Gugs. You departed on a really significant day. My heart will ache for a very long time‚ but I guess all will be well in due time. I cry simply because my heart aches. I know you are looking down at me and saying: ‘Oh‚ my love‚ I’m sorry‚ I never wanted to see you cry.’ You’ve left me with a sense of peace… You left this world so peacefully. It’s been hard to realise that your journey was God’s will… I feel I can’t ask God why‚ because you are his child. You were the best present ever… You used to cook for me‚ open doors for me and do anything I asked of you…”

Zulu was a South African racing driver and television presenter who won many local racing titles. He was furthermore a presenter of the SABC motoring show Car Torque. He was an advanced driving instructor for the Volkswagen Driving Academy, BMW and Audi. Zulu started his racing career in 1999, once he graduated from the Isondo Racing Academy.

Mzansi will miss him.


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