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Rabies case confirmed in Boksburg

State free vet  rabies booster vaccination offered.

State free vet rabies booster vaccination offered.

An urgent warning of a rabies case has been issued by the Boksburg SPCA, which urges pet owners to have their animals vaccinated.

The Boksburg SPCA wrote on their Facebook page: “We wish to advise all pet owners of Boksburg that there has been a confirmed case of rabies in Boksburg South,” Boksburg Advertiser reports.
“We ask that all owners take their animals to either their vets or to Boksburg SPCA for vaccination against this disease.”
The Citizen spoke to Christelle Haast from SPCA Boksburg this morning, who confirmed that “so far one dog has been diagnosed with the disease on Monday and the dog is from Boksburg South.”
Rabies is an infectious disease that spreads from animals to humans. A virus causes the disease by infecting nerves in animals and people.
It travels to the brain (through nerves inside the brain), the virus reproduces and then it travels back through the nerves to most parts of the body. Eventually, the virus reaches the salivary glands where it is released into the saliva in the mouth.
By this time, the disease usually would have damaged the brain and as a result the infected animal or person shows violent behaviour and eventually dies.
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