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Independent candidates ‘to be fired from ANC’

Picture: Alaister Russell

Picture: Alaister Russell

The KZN secretary says they have no sympathy for candidates doing their own thing after not being nominated by the ANC.

Former ANC councillors in KwaZulu-Natal who chose to stand as independent candidates in the upcoming local government elections were to be formally fired from the party ‎on Thursday.

The party’s provincial secretary, Super Zuma, speaking at a mini-political rally on Wednesday, told supporters that the councillors who had decided to stand as independent candidates would be dismissed from the party to ensure they did not accrue benefits that councillors received for serving a full term.

Asked by ANA to provide details, Zuma said that he would reveal details of the decision at a press conference in Durban on Thursday.

The party was been wracked by divisions in the build-up to the local government elections that take place on August 3. More ANC members have been killed over the past two weeks in the province.

In KwaZulu-Natal, many aspirant ANC and SA Communist Party members, some of whom were councillors, are standing as independent candidates after they failed to be nominated or renominated by the party.

In some wards the rivalry between those who have been nominated and those who have not has been fierce and there have been many wards where the party faithful claim that the nominated candidates have been imposed on them.

– African News Agency (ANA)


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