National 27.7.2016 03:22 pm

George mayor resigns, calling DA ‘racist’

George Mayor, Charles Standers. Photo: Michelle Pienaar

George Mayor, Charles Standers. Photo: Michelle Pienaar

Charles Standers says he is quitting the DA over principle and not because the party was possibly about to fire him anyway.

EWN has reported that George, Western Cape, mayor Charles Standers announced his resignation from the DA, giving racism and corruption as his reasons.

The party, however, says his resignation is possibly only a reaction to his being in a disciplinary process over problems with his leadership. The party had submitted a letter to the DA’s federal executive committee with a list of grievances against Standers.

It was previously reported that Standers was likely to be axed. The mayor was suspended from the DA in February when his wife filed a charge of domestic violence against him. He was not arrested after what was reportedly a domestic altercation.

In his letter, he writes of how he served the DA faithfully for many years, but now wants his name removed from the party’s proportional list for the election in George.

He listed interference from regional structures as one of his gripes; and he said the George caucus was silent in the face of corruption, which “I cannot stand for”.

He spoke of “racist practices” without giving examples.

He also said that the “untested charges” against him were leaked to the media and had damaged his reputation.


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