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UPDATE: George mayor resigns

George Mayor Charles Standers today announced he will resign from the DA. Photo: Michelle Pienaar

George Mayor Charles Standers today announced he will resign from the DA. Photo: Michelle Pienaar

‘The timing of Standers’s resignation is obviously suspicious.’

George Mayor Charles Standers has today announced that he will resign from the DA at the end of his term after the election on August 3.

This follows his suspension from the DA caucus on Tuesday.

Standers was suspended after a media conference with the George Herald on Friday last week, which the DA caucus deemed to be in contravention of DA party policy as the mayor did not consult the caucus, George Herald reported.

At the media conference Standers distanced himself from the termination of certain employee contracts at the municipality, the withdrawal of charges against a DA councillor regarding alleged electricity theft and a tender that was awarded which he questioned. As one of the reasons for his resignation Standers said it was the “interference by the regional DA structures in the municipality”.

Jaco Londt, the leader of the DA East division, responded: “It is very telling that Mr Standers plans to end his relationship with the DA only after his term ends. It’s clear he wants to have his cake and eat it.”

He said the timing of Standers’s resignation is “obviously suspicious, given the ongoing disciplinary proceedings against him”.

“These proceedings against Cllr Standers will continue, as far as I know.”

He said the DA did not hesitate to take action against those, no matter their positions, whose conduct had been found wanting.

“I’m confident that the DA has an extremely strong and competent team under the leadership of the new mayoral candidate, Cllr Melvin Naik,” added Londt.

Rumours abound that Standers is planning to join the ANC and that an announcement in this regard is imminent.

However, Standers declined to comment, saying he was “consulting with his advisers” and that he would reveal his future plans in due course.

– Caxton News Service


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