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Young man who rescued flood victim congratulated

The car was submerged within a matter of minutes. Photo: Northglen News, originally from Facebook

The car was submerged within a matter of minutes. Photo: Northglen News, originally from Facebook

A KZN flood victim gives thanks to the young ‘guardian angel’ who saved her life when her car was submerged in La Lucia.

After a La Mercy family launched a search for “the guardian angel” who rescued a woman caught in flash floods under the M4 in La Lucia in the north of Durban, the young hero, Cameron White, stepped forward.

White is reportedly 17 years old.

The Northglen News reports that according to a post shared on the Durban North Neighbours Facebook page, community member Shakila Singh was on her way to pick up a family member when her car became submerged.

The original Facebook post by Ashika Devnarain, who is Singh’s sister, has been shared 1 496 times from her own Facebook page, following her call for community members to share the post in a bid to find the young man. In the post, Devnarain describes Singh’s nail-biting experience, saying, “Within a few minutes and before she knew what was happening, water was flooding in on her from all sides!!! Her car was swirling around and she lost all control.”

She described how Singh tried to get someone’s attention by waving from a gap in the window. “Her guardian angel came in the form of a Grade 11 student who is apparently a lifeguard as well. He got into the water and got her out through the passenger seat,” she continued.

Now that Singh has established who the person who saved her life is, she posted this message on her Facebook page: “Cameron White you are my guardian angel, sent by God to save me from those treacherous, murky waters. I am overwhelmed by ur kindness and selflessness in diving in there and pulling me out before my car submerged. I owe you my life and am forever indebted to you. My thanks to your mum and dad for instilling such phenomenal values in you. My family and I are eternally grateful to you. I would like to meet you and personally thank you. U are a true hero and u deserve an award for heroism. Thank you, thank you, thank you for my life. Love and light to your family always.”

Talking to East Coast Radio Newswatch this morning, Singh described how people were standing on the banks trying to tell her what to do, when she spotted a “boy” wearing only shorts who was looking to see how he could get to her.

Also talking to East Coast Radio Newswatch, White said he was concerned that too much water was going to get inside the vehicle. He said he was left with a good feeling knowing that he was able to save someone.

On the Durban Surf Facebook page, congratulations were given to their “very own Durban Surf Lifeguard”, White. “Cameron pulled the mother of 3 from her sinking car in the nick of time and in so doing avoided a certain tragedy. Well done Cameron, Durban Surf salutes you,” read the post.

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