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‘unDemocratic Alliance’s white privilege’ angers AKA

AKA’s One Time Music Video launch. Picture: Supplied

AKA’s One Time Music Video launch. Picture: Supplied

The rapper says ‘we forgave …. now they want us to forget’.

Local rap artist AKA, real name Kiernan Forbes, slated the Democratic Alliance (DA) for using former president Nelson Mandela in its election campaign.

AKA has always been an outspoken ANC supporter and sometimes performs at party rallies.

He claims that Mandela was once seen as a leader of a terrorist organisation by the DA, and now “he’s a part of their narrative”.

Forbes, who argues “white privilege has now, truly …. lost its mind”, asked whether Mandela ever condemned the ANC or its leader President Jacob Zuma.

“Don’t even get me started on the DA using Mandela’s name to campaign. White privilege has now, truly …. Lost its mind and its bearings,” he tweeted.

“Mandela was considered the head of a “terrorist organization” ….today he’s a part of their narrative.

“Did Mandela ever denounce the ANC or Jacob Zuma? …. Ok, I get it … So he died and made you his spokesperson. Gotcha!”

“We forgave …. Now they want us to forget,” he added.

The DA came under fire after using Mandela to canvass for votes ahead of the August 3 local government elections.

‘First they stole our land, now they steal Mandela’s legacy’

Meanwhile, the ANC Youth League in Gauteng described the DA’s move to use Mandela as “disgusting”.

The league says it was the “DA’s forefathers” who subjected Mandela and non-white South Africans to apartheid rule.

“The ANCYL in Gauteng notes with utter disgust the attempts by the “(un)Democratic Alliance” (DA) to rewrite history. True to their inherent character of stealing what does not belong to them as their National Party (NP) forefathers did,” the league said in a statement published on Sasco Harry Gwala’s Facebook page.

The statement continues the highly contested narrative primarily driven of late by President Jacob Zuma to attempt to conflate the DA with the apartheid National Party, despite both parties having a clearly separate lineage.

“Our scars from the historical injustices of the past are too fresh for South Africans to forget the origins of the DA, and its role in victimising Mandela, our various leaders and people alike.

“It is the DA’s forefathers that labelled Mandela a terrorist and a threat to the State. It is the DA’s forefathers who subjected this country to Apartheid, stealing land from our people and aggressively forcing them into slavery under laws which rooted them out of homelands and into mines, resulting in the breakdown of many homes.”



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