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Good News of Hope Ministries supporting girls in need

Richard Mabaso (left), with renowned musician Lira (middle) and Joe Seoloane supporting girls in need.

Richard Mabaso (left), with renowned musician Lira (middle) and Joe Seoloane supporting girls in need.

The Good News of Hope Ministries has partnered with Caring4Girls to collect sanitary towels in an effort to make the lives of disadvantaged girls easier.

Good News of Hope Ministries spokesperson Chrispin Phiri said they are of the view that African girls are most affected by a lack of sanitary pads, Benoni City Times reports.

He said statistics reveal a significant number of girls miss school because they do not have this basic commodity.

They have identified the community adjacent to their church and will be partnering with surrounding schools in Chief Albert Luthuli Park and Daveyton to assist the pupils there to ignite their dignity.

The church has started collecting sanitary towels in order to reach as many girls as possible and has set a challenge for the Benoni community to collect 6 700 sanitary pads to help the church reach its goal.

Caring4Girls’s main objective is to keep young teens in school during their monthly cycles, by distributing sanitary towels.

The programme, which focuses on creating awareness of puberty and adolescence in girls, aims to educate people on the reality that young girls without proper sanitary care face.

Concept innovator Richard Mabaso overheard a “fearful” conversation between his mom and niece about menstruation, which he believes is still a taboo subject in many societies today.

That conversation prompted the beginning of the Caring4Girls initiative, in 2012.

Their main focus is also on training and teaching some from poor and rural communities how to handle, use and dispose of sanitary towels, so that they are better prepared for that time of the month

Supporting girls in need

Past Joe Seloane and Mahlako Seloane have started collecting with the church.

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