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Man ‘shot dead’ at Hilllfox shooting range

Stock image. Photo:

Stock image. Photo:

Eyewitnesses believe the shooting at the indoor shooting range was a suicide.

Police are investigating a shooting incident at Flora Guns, an arms and ammunition dealer at Hillfox Value Centre in Roodepoort on the West Rand.

This after one person was shot dead at the indoor shooting range on Monday, Roodepoort Northsider reported.

Flora Guns at Hillfox Value Centre.

Flora Guns at Hillfox Value Centre.

According to a car guard at the shopping centre, the victim had been at the shooting range attending a training session when he apparently shot himself.

Eyewitnesses believe the shooting was a suicide.

Honeydew Police spokesperson Karen Jacobs said there was a shooting incident and detectives responded to the scene.

According to information on Flora Guns’s website, the indoor shooting range “has recently been soundproofed for the convenience of the shooters. Anyone may make use of the range, keeping the range rules in mind.”

It also states: “People who visit the shooting range can bring their own firearm or rent one. Firearms can only be rented under the supervision of our Range Officers or instructors. Note that when renting a firearm, a Safety Briefing is required before you enter the range. So allow an additional 10 – 15 minutes before shooting.”

Investigations are ongoing.

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