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Young hero rescues Durban flood victim

The car was submerged within a matter of minutes. Photo: Northglen News

The car was submerged within a matter of minutes. Photo: Northglen News

A Grade 11 pupil saved the woman who got stuck when her car was submerged in a flash flood in La Lucia.

A La Mercy family has launched a search for “the guardian angel” who rescued a woman caught in flash floods under the M4 in La Lucia in the north of Durban, reports Northglen News.

According to a Facebook post shared on the Durban North Neighbours Facebook page, community member Shakila Singh was on her way to pick up a family member when her car became submerged.

Within a matter of minutes her car was almost completely covered.

“Her car was swirling around and she lost all control,” wrote the woman’s sister, Ashika Devnarain.

“She put her hand through a gap in the window and waved trying to get someone’s attention, anyone’s attention. Her guardian angel came in the form of a Grade 11 student who is apparently a lifeguard as well. He got into the water and got her out through the passenger seat,” she continued.

The young hero and his father left before Singh could thank them.

“To the young man who was responsible for saving my sister’s life… We are forever in your debt. If you were just a few minutes earlier or a few minutes later to that area, I shudder to think what could have happened. If you are reading this please get hold of my sister Shakila Singh, she desperately needs to make contact with you,” added Devnarain.

Meanwhile, the Durban north community anxiously waits to hear of any news regarding a missing Sunningdale woman.

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