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WATCH: Tornado blows through Magaliesburg

The tornado spotted in Magaliesburg yesterday.

The tornado spotted in Magaliesburg yesterday.

A tornado swept through the bucolic area on Monday afternoon.

While standing on his Magaliesburg porch, Amin Hassam, owner of Koesterfontein Farm Glamping, noticed the clouds forming an unusual shape in the sky and the clouds coming closer to the ground, reports the Krugersdorp News.

What he managed to capture was the rare occurrence of a tornado whirling through Magaliesburg.

Watch as the tornado sweeps through Magaliesburg: 

Mario Ferreira also managed to capture the tornado on video.

South Africa has experienced several different versions of Mother Nature’s wrath over the past 24 hours, with snow, hail and floods also reported.
Here’s the expected weather forecast for Gauteng today, according to the SA Weather Service: 

South Africa is no stranger to tornadoes. Newcastle Advertiser compiled a list of the worst tornadoes in the country’s history:

  1. Welkom – March 20, 1990

This tornado caused more than R230 million worth of structural damage over a 20km-wide path of destruction. The multi-vortex tornado, part of a 240km-long storm front, scoured through the suburbs and had a width of up to 1.7km.


  1. Utrecht – November 3, 1993

This tornado devastated a 200m-wide, 35km-long stretch of rural Utrecht and Glencoe. Forty people lost their homes, and seven were killed.


  1. Harrismith – November 15, 1998

This tornado destroyed more than 750 homes over a 9km path. It caused damage to a number of telephone and power lines. Reports indicated 15 people were injured. The Harrismith tornado has been described as the “most spectacular” ever in our country.


  1. Roodepoort – November 26, 1948

Seven hundred homes were wrecked when this tornado struck the suburb of Roodepoort. Four people were killed and damages of almost R150 million were reported. The tornado left a path of destruction 64km long, with the tornado touching down 15 times in different areas.


  1. Mount Ayliff, Eastern Cape – January 18, 1999

A violent F4 tornado ripped through areas surrounding Mount Ayliff and Tabankulu. The majority of towns were destroyed, with 95% of residents left homeless. Numerous vehicles were thrown significant distances by the storm, with one travelling almost 500m. This is largely considered the deadliest tornado in our history. Twenty-five people were killed and about 500 others injured.

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