National 26.7.2016 05:14 am

1 million tax returns already filed

Sars PTA CBD branch | Supplied

Sars PTA CBD branch | Supplied

Sars commissioner Tom Moyane says South Africans are committed to working with the taxman.

The SA Revenue Service (Sars) announced yesterday it had received 1 million tax return submissions during the recent tax season, which spanned 21 days, from July 1 to 22.

“This achievement confirms that South African taxpayers are compliant and are committed to working with Sars,” said Sars commissioner Tom Moyane.

He attributed the high volumes of tax return submissions to the online e-filing system. Some 60.16% of submissions were made through e-filing, while the remainder, 39.84%, were made to Sars branches. There are currently 53 Sars branches across the country and 21 Mobile Tax Units that service taxpayers in remote areas of the country.

“Since the start of tax season, we have emphasised the use of e-filing, as it is the quickest, easiest way to submit a return,” said Moyane.

He added that the high number of filed tax returns was testament to the fact that taxpayers were committed to working with Sars to collect the required revenue to meet the country’s development agenda. Meanwhile, Sars cautioned taxpayers about further deadlines. The deadline for taxpayers who submit their tax returns manually by post or by dropping them off in a Sars drop box is September 23, 2016. The deadline for all non-provisional taxpayers, who earn an income from one or more employer, through e-filing or at a branch, is November 25. The deadline for provisional taxpayers – those with other forms of income such as investment income, income from business activities, rental income and royalties income – through e-filing is January 31, 2017.


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