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Middelburg’s killing fields

Foetuses  dumped in Mhlathuzi

Foetuses dumped in Mhlathuzi

Three babies, two at full term and one missing a right leg, were found dumped in Mhluzi in six days. WARNING: GRAPHIC CONTENT.

Police are now on the hunt for the mothers to bring them to book as a deterrent to others contemplating abandoning their infants, Middelburg Observer reports.

The discovery of the foetuses has rattled the community to such an extent that a number of local women have already committed to the establishment of a Door of Hope project in Middelburg.

The following timeline is a graphic account of the lengths women will go to sidestep the responsibility of parenthood.

2012: Two foetuses were found dumped in Middelburg, one in a dumpster in the vicinity of Rex Cafe and the other drifting in a bucket in Athlone Dam.

Foeteus in a dumpster

Foetus in a dumpster

2014: Baby X is discovered wrapped in newspaper next to the railway line by a passing teenager. The baby survived and has since been adopted.


Baby X wrapped in a newspaper

2016: Three babies have been found in six days. Two of them, one estimated at eight month’s gestation, and the other a full term baby, were found on the dumping site.

The last one was discovered by primary school children next to a footpath used by hundreds of pedestrians each day.

Fully developed foetus dumped in a bucket

Fully developed foetus dumped in a bucket

The local Umephi House is presently the only 24-hour safe haven for crisis babies, though access is strictly forbidden to the public.

The orphanage cares for the babies up to the age of two-years, after which they are placed back into the system.

But many find happy homes through adoption.

Umephi House welfare worker Sumari Rootman urges all women with unwanted pregnancies to contact her for assistance before a crime of concealment, illegal abortion or abandonment is considered.

– Caxton News Service


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