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Mother of Krugersdorp triple murder suspects arrested

Picture: Thinkstock

Picture: Thinkstock

The woman, the mother of the Krugersdorp siblings allegedly involved in the May appointment murders, will be added to the fraud case involving a man who faked his own death.

Two additional suspects made a brief appearance in the Krugersdorp Magistrates’ Court on Monday in connection with the case of a man who ‘died’ in an incident in 2015 that has subsequently evolved into a R3.6 million life insurance fraud case.

The suspect Marinda Steyn, 50, a high school teacher and mother of the Steyn siblings allegedly involved in the Krugersdorp triple-murder case, was taken into custody together with her friend Cecilia Steyn for questioning regarding the fraud case, Krugersdorp News reported.

“Two suspects aged 35 and 50 were arrested on July 24,” West Rand Police Cluster spokesperson Captain Appel Ernst confirmed.

The school refrained from giving any comment regarding her [Marinda] arrest and referred the request to the department of education.

Both women, dressed in camouflage jackets, indicated they would like the court proceedings in Afrikaans.

A dog tag belonging to Marinda Steyn is currently in police possession as evidence with a ‘Electus per deus‘ slogan engraved on.

Both her children allegedly have a tattoo with the same slogan, which means, ‘Selected by MY god‘.

The state indicated both women were to stand trial alongside the man, Zak Valentine, who ‘rose from the dead’ after he faked his death last year for an enormous life insurance policy.

The case was postponed to August 2, when the two will apply for a formal bail application.

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Marinda was last month reportedly released on bail after she was arrested for possession of drugs. In the same week, her children, Marcelle and Leroux Steyn, were arrested for alleged involvement in the May triple murders.

Lategan, an estate agent, went missing on May 30 while on her way to an appointment with a client.

Her body was found in a field in Randfontein the next morning. She was one of three people murdered in the area in a three-week period. All three deaths have been linked to these suspects.

In May, insurance broker Scholefield, 64, was found dead in the boot of his car after he headed for a meeting with a client in the area. A week later, the body of 29-year-old McAlpine, another insurance broker, was found dead in his car after he failed to return from a meeting with a client.

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