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Berea policemen injured in Morningside car crash

Vehicle crushed into a police car

Vehicle crushed into a police car

Two Berea policemen have been admitted to hospital after being involved in a crash this morning.

Two Berea policemen were taken to hospital earlier this morning after they were involved in a crash in Morningside, in Durban, Berea Mail reports.

The crash occurred in Venice Road when another vehicle allegedly jumped a stop street and smashed into the police vehicle. Garrith Jamieson of Rescue Care said both policemen were in a stable condition in hospital.

The police vehicle was allegedly “written off”, according to a member of the public.

According to a police source, the driver of the vehicle was arrested. Motorists are urged to be vigilant and to drive carefully, especially in the wet weather.

Berea Mail wishes the two policemen a speedy recovery.

– Caxton News Service


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