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E-toll complaints pour in on Hello Peter

FILE PICTURE: An e-toll pricing sign is cleaned along the N1 in Florida, Johannesburg. Picture: Alaister Russell.
Three weeks into the Gauteng e-tolling system sees further complaints against the system and the SA National Roads Agency Ltd (Sanral) filtering in on consumer website Hello Peter.

A number of already registered road users have laid their grievances through the website, but with no response from Sanral. Hello Peter allows for feedback from companies providing services.

Complaints range from incorrect billing, billing not being received, unlawful debits, electronic glitches, e-tags not working, bad service, shocking charges and no responses from Sanral on inquiry about these errors.

“…e toll ****ing up already. My dad sold his car a year ago, they just billed him for it although he now has another car with a different registration.

And worst of all, the credit he paid for his current car (good citizen) was used to offset the outstanding debt on the other car– a disgusting failure,” posted one motorist.

Another road user said he had made use of the e-roads and made contact with Sanral within seven days to request an invoice for payment.

“… I have spoken to 3 persons and still have not received a bill of any kind. I have requested a bill and they do not want to provide me with one. I have reference for every call made.”

On being approached by The Citizen, Sanral spokesperson Vusi Mona said he was on leave and added: “If it’s your readers, please refer them to our customer call- centre”.

“Road never travelled, but billed for” was another complaint.

The complainant indicated she had not even started her car, yet had been billed three times. And then she was asked by the call-centre assistant if she was sure her vehicle was “at home”.

She went on to say: “Now I have to go to a Sanral outlet, download a form, take it to a police station and get an afidavit and send this and my ID in to Sanral for them to then open a case to investigate …”

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Total 21 comments
IZAK KRUGER2014-08-12 18:02:49
Being trying for the last two hours to register my vpc account to check my payment ,but the system is very slow and at times connect with for instance advertising websites and then you have to start all over again requesting a pin to log in , very frustrating !!!!!!!!!
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Leon Joubert2014-08-09 11:09:50
I constantly recieve E-toll accounts.. even a "FINAL DEMAND"! I went to their Customer Care Centre at The Mall@Reds several times to enquire these bills I recieved. Every time I'm promised attention will be given to it, they will contact me.. just to recieve the next bill with a bigger amount demanded.. I even sent them a couple of emails explaining theyr'e making a mistake,but a week later I recieve the next bill, demanding a bigger amount.. My point is:- the vehicle in the pictures they send me, is of a 5 tons bakkie, while the vehicle I owned is a VW Passat 4-door passenger vehicle. I said owened, because the car is sold 2 years ago and is deregistered..Futhermore, the registation number of the vehicle I owned, was KZR509GP, but the bakkie's is KZP!!!!! What now??
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Andrew Muswala2014-07-03 14:36:42
hw long does it to retrieve th pin,its more than tew hours since requested for my pin code.this is my customer ID 8254889,thanks.
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molefe2014-04-09 12:25:06
the biggest mistake this government has ever done is accepting the etolling,foreign ideas of indebting society,like student debt only those who are blinded will register to oppress human rights,this government has turned against its people to put themselves first and the people after. we were hoping for a better life but instead they enjoying seeing us struggling from poor to poorest.
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annalie2014-03-07 12:29:19
i received an etoll acount of R2000 but i live in KZN and don't travel to gauteng. i also don't own a white renault who has my number plate (NZ4560) i own a toyota. who can help as sanral seems unable to resolve th eissue.
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zamah2014-03-04 13:51:34
Let just prevail..
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mlungu2014-02-19 15:51:37
To all those caralhos that have purchased a e-tag I hope u get billed till u are bankrupt. You are all traitors that complain about everything but refuse to stand up and fight for your rights.
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Luis Dias Laia2014-02-12 10:05:48
I received an invoice (05/01/2014) for a vehicle i dont own ... i looked at the photo and its for a truck with FVYxxxMP regisgtration and mine is a car with FVYxxxGP ... so much for their "system with built in intelligence" . A query was been lodged (24/01/2014) and too date nobody has bothered to contact me / advise its been reversed.
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Peter Hopewell2014-02-09 13:59:18
Purchased 2 day passes days in advance of travelling from KZN to Modimole, which day passes should activate automatically when passing a gantry for the first time. Have now received an account for R273.00 discounted to R109.00 if paid by 12/01/2014. Queried why no credit reflected for day passes purchased and told that system obviously at fault for not recognising car reg. no. and as validity date of day passes had expired they could notbe reinstated
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Eugene2014-02-03 13:30:56
Good day I made a payment to SANRAL via their website portal , thereafter I received an e-mail stating that my account have been credited, about 2 minutes later I received another e-mail that my account can’t be credited as the payment did not go thru, I then logged into my bank account where it clearly shows that the money have been transferred to them, I contacted their call centre to establish what is going on, but no one could assist me in this regard. I then corresponded via their e-mail address ( only to see the following later: Your message To: Subject: was deleted without being read on 2014/02/03 12:20 PM.
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Carike2014-01-22 11:28:45
Totally against e-tolls and will never register! How are we supposed to pay our outstanding amount if the banking details on the statement SANRAL sends out are INVALID???? Not to mention the fact that I know several people who has never used the e-toll but get billed for thousands? Secondly, how is it Legal for SANRAL to give credit (sending you an account if you did not register) if they did not do any credit assurance beforehand. Is it not illegal to give someone credit without checking if they can afford it? Some people are black listed and cannot make any credit but SANRAL is allowed to bill you even if you are unsuitable? If you are unsuitable for credit at any store, why should you be suitable to get credit from SANRRAL? Why should Taxi's get a free pass? The person responsible for the "powder scare" should not focus on the Sanral offices, most of those people are innocent and are just making a living, rather bomb each SANRAL "gate / scanning boom" to the ground! For once, South Africans of every colour have something we all agree on, Lets stand together! Don’t let them win.
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Dmoney2014-01-15 10:59:35
I have received a bill via sms.. when i called the C/Care line they said they will email the detailed invoice.. its been 2 weeks now and have not received anything. called them again then they said handover letter 3 times. each time i call..
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franklin beeuwsaer2014-01-11 07:37:49
I live in Natal and never drive in Gauteng and I get invoiced for e toll!
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Laura2014-01-09 16:28:29
I refused to buy an e-tag. Since the e-toll was instigated on the 2nd Dec 2013, I used the highway for 12 days and every time I passed a gantry (I have 5 gantries from home to work and back)I noted down the standard fee, which makes my total per day an amount of R 25,63. I got a sms to state my overdue e-toll account of R 976,83 was handed over for collection to VPC. According to my calculation the amount should be R 307,56. I will not pay until I get a statement and I advised Sanral of that - I am still waiting for a response.
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Rob2014-01-07 09:11:26
I wish to bring to the attention of this newspapers and its intended audience, that I'm convinced there's a gross misconduct in the manner in which exam scripts and results of black students at FET colleges are processed. Yesterday, I was very disappointed and angry to find my final results for Building Science N3 and Maths N3 to be 51% and 46% respectively. I would be acknowledging the outcome of my results for the subjects in question if the case was that my performance in class during the term of study were indicative of poor grades in the exams.I understand fully that sometimes in the exams you do achieve poor results than what you had aimed and expected to reach. For me that is not case and my decision to go and challenge my institution and all the powers that be, is one based on proving that there is indeed a state of maladministration within the FET structure.Im also aware that my attempt to go forth with this decision will be met with hardship because it will cause certain people to be uncomfortable. I dont care if it will be to my detriment but I will strive at every opportunity to expose that personally and other students whom I dont know, have suffered from an unfair and unethical conduct of officials that are responsible for handling the national processing of exam scripts and results. Im a Civil Engineering student at the Msunduzi FET College in Pietermaritzburg.
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Case van Hattem2013-12-24 19:15:22
There is a lot of misinformation about e toll. Let me say first that I am against it, fullstop but I have to have one as I am on business on the toll roads every day. The claim that people are not able to get invoices. I have been able to download detailed invoices ans statements and records of deposits, without any problem. The detailed invoices tell you when you went through any toll that you are billed for. I have not yet analised my invoices against my daily trip record but will do that to make sure.
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Erwin de Ruiter2013-12-24 08:01:03
e-tolling is a Crime against Humanity! sanral stole our roads and now forced a unfair tax upon the good citizens of South Africa!
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Mike2013-12-24 07:40:31
If you registered for this sham called e tolls, you only have yourself to blame. De -register now. Through their sheer ineptitude and arrogance they will skin you alive
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peter2013-12-24 07:39:50
please if you have bought e-tags after been asked nicely not to, then you must feel why outa asked people not to buy these e-tags. because they knew that it was day light robbery going to take place, but you the people who bought were so chicken of the threats from our corrupt government, that you went and bought. (hope you feel how it is not to listen)if every motorist did not buy these e-tags but used the high way how are they going to fine every car using it, cant see that happening and as you are on there system they can bill you for my using of the high way as I wont pay or get an lets stand together and bring down this rubbish ANC corruption.
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elizabeth minnie2013-12-24 06:58:51
my bill for just using the road on 2 Saturdays suppose to be R16.44 they debit my account with R56.12 when I queried it they had all sorts of stories and no they do not give invoices
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Solomon Malapane2013-12-24 06:48:00
E-toll is a fiasco. It is not properly managed and sumtimes billing wrong people. Public robbery.
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